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OpenNMS Horizon 26.1.3 (Bit)

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3 years ago

Release 26.1.3 is the sixth release in the Horizon 26 series.

It contains a bunch of bug fixes and improvements, including big optimizations to the new time-series layer, some UI fixes, and more.

The codename for 26.1.3 is Bit.

Bug Fixes

  • Using Netflow aggregations results in NPE when no results returned from ES (Issue NMS-12761)
  • Fix docs warnings for resource-types, time series config and thresholding (Issue NMS-12770)
  • interfaceSnmpByIfIndex fails if SNMP interface has no physical address (Issue NMS-12775)
  • Searching for alarms in the v2 API with a reductionKey that includes a comma or semicolon results in a 500 error (Issue NMS-12777)
  • Update log4j2 to 2.13.2 (Issue NMS-12787)
  • Support for optional snmpTrapAddress varbind needs documenting (Issue NMS-12795)
  • Broken link to "Standalone HTTPS with Jetty" in documentation. (Issue NMS-12804)
  • Rendering problems with complex custom Flow Classification Rules (Issue NMS-12806)
  • RRD-to-Newts Converter doesn't handle fully-overlapping RRAs (Issue NMS-12835)
  • RRD to Newts converter fails with fully overlapping RRAs (Issue NMS-12836)


  • Encrypt the password in REST API POST endpoint /opennms/rest/users (Issue NMS-6470)
  • Optimize Performance of Timeseries Integration Layer (Issue NMS-12731)
  • Limit number of calls to find metrics (Issue NMS-12744)
  • Limit calls to the timeseries_metatable (Issue NMS-12745)
  • Remove (if possible) the conversion from Opennms -> Newts -> TS (Issue NMS-12746)
  • Add JMX Meters to measure and export performance (Issue NMS-12747)
  • Remove unnecessary writes to meta_data table (Issue NMS-12748)
  • Remove conversion to Newts objects in read operation (Issue NMS-12749)
  • Clean up package structure (Issue NMS-12751)
  • Review documentation (Issue NMS-12758)
  • Remove nececessity to retrieve Metric when reading Samples (Issue NMS-12786)
  • Update OpenNMS DB functions and tests to handle Postgres 12 (Issue NMS-12819)

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