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OpenNMS Horizon 26.1.2 (Plague)

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3 years ago

Release 26.1.2 is the fifth release in the Horizon 26 series.

It contains a bunch of bug fixes and improvements, including docker container optimizations,
Netflow changes, documentation updates, time-series enhancements, and more.

The codename for 26.1.2 is Plague.

Bug Fixes

  • AbstractSnmpValue.allBytesDisplayable() IndexOutOfBound Exception (Issue NMS-7547)
  • Unable to collect SNMP through minions on a large scale (Issue NMS-10389)
  • Update examples/opennms.conf to be JDK11-compatible (Issue NMS-12468)
  • RRD-to-Newts converter only handles AVERAGE RRAs (Issue NMS-12722)
  • Parameters with dots handled incorrectly in BMP feature config (Issue NMS-12738)
  • The ReST end-point for the Flow Exporter details is returning invalid content (Issue NMS-12740)
  • Netflow 5 records in ES do not contain value for delta_switched (Issue NMS-12750)
  • dependency commons-beanutils 1.8.3 vulnerability (Issue NMS-12757)
  • Template field 'APPLICATION TAG' has illegal size (Issue NMS-12783)
  • Kafka Producer puts all events on the same partition when using donotpersist (Issue NMS-12784)


  • Reduce Docker container image size (Issue NMS-12284)
  • Document how to use meta-data with thresholding (Issue NMS-12735)
  • Add documentation for TcpListener (Issue NMS-12736)
  • upgrade to latest Jetty security/bug fixes (Issue NMS-12743)
  • Run a comparison: implementation before changes and after (Issue NMS-12752)
  • Optimize Performance of InfluxDb Plugin (Issue NMS-12759)
  • Be able to ignore certificate validation on all Karaf features that push data to Elasticsearch (Issue NMS-12768)
  • Evaluate and improve opennms-cortex-tss-plugin (Issue NMS-12771)
  • Provide a test harness for time series plugins (Issue NMS-12772)

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