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OpenNMS Horizon 26.1.0 (Surgical)

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4 years ago

Release 26.1.0 is the third release in the Horizon 26 series.

It is an enhancement release with a number of bug fixes and improvements, including updates to telemetry, provisioning, and more.

The codename for 26.1.0 is Surgical.


  • Security vulnerability in io.netty:netty-handler < 4.1.45 (need upgrade) (Issue NMS-12541)
  • NPE in KafkaFlowForwarder (Issue NMS-12660)
  • Add more context to Response Time resources (Kafka Producer) (Issue NMS-12661)
  • BMP parse error for path attribute MP_UNREACH_NLRI (Issue NMS-12671)
  • Reloading the Pollerd daemon causes multiple nodeDown messages (Issue NMS-12681)
  • Streaming Telemetry is broken when using OpenJDK 11 and minion (Issue NMS-12688)


  • Document JDBCQueryMonitor "compare_string" Action (Issue NMS-9581)
  • Add opentracing support for Provisiond (Issue NMS-12374)
  • SystemExecuteMonitor fails with exit code 6 (Issue NMS-12564)
  • Add an example for SystemExecuteMonitor into the docs (Issue NMS-12568)
  • Prometheus collector (Issue NMS-12577)
  • Timeseries Plugin Influx 1.x (Issue NMS-12633)
  • Update smoketests to support various Kafka compression codecs (Issue NMS-12647)
  • Bump ES version used in Smoke Tests (Issue NMS-12648)
  • Provide written procedures on the proper way to restart (Issue NMS-12650)
  • Aggregate flow metrics w/ stream processing (Issue NMS-12656)
  • Provisiond: Add NodeScanStarted event for scheduled scans (Issue NMS-12658)
  • Flow aggregation - alternate indices based on duration of time range filter (Issue NMS-12663)
  • Flow aggregation - Identify minimal set of fields required for current queries (Issue NMS-12664)
  • Enable node enrichment for Topology providers comming from the Integration Api (Issue NMS-12674)
  • Add tooltip support to the LegacyGraphProvider (Issue NMS-12694)
  • add a telemetry adapter for the Graphite plaintext protocol (Issue NMS-12695)

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