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OpenNMS Horizon 25.2.1 (Gyōza)

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4 years ago

Release 25.2.1 is the sixth release in the Horizon 25 series.

It contains a number of small improvements as well as a few bug fixes and a security
fix for an HQL injection bug. Hat tip to Johannes Moritz for the security report.

The codename for 25.2.1 is Gyōza.

  • NMS-12473 - Cannot process SNMPv3 Informs due to random Engine ID associated with users
  • NMS-12505 - api/v2/ifservices endpoint does not expose ID and IpInterface in JSON results
  • NMS-12520 - Downtime model change was not updated in the docs
  • NMS-12531 - Topology Map does not show Geocoordinates anymore
  • NMS-12572 - HQL Injection
  • NMS-12279 - Cleanup Interfaces Tagged for Flows
  • NMS-12422 - Allow multiple IP rules for discontinuous IP ranges for flow classification
  • NMS-12557 - Support signing code in CircleCI

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