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OpenNMS Horizon 25.1.2 (Pierogi)

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4 years ago

Release 25.1.2 is the fourth release in the Horizon 25 series.

It contains a number of alarm classification bug fixes and performance improvements, flow enhancements, and more.

The codename for 25.1.2 is Pierogi.

  • possible issue in JCIFS Monitor - contiously increase of threads - finally heap dump (Issue NMS-12407)
  • Wrong links in the Help/Support page (Issue NMS-12418)
  • Classification Engine reload causes OOM when defining a bunch of rules (Issue NMS-12429)
  • TCP Listeners are broken (Issue NMS-12430)
  • Cannot define a specific layer in topology app URL (Issue NMS-12431)
  • Classification UI: Error responses are not shown properly (Issue NMS-12432)
  • Classification Engine: The end of the range is excluded, which is not intuitive (Issue NMS-12433)
  • Ticket-creating automations are incorrectly enabled by default (Issue NMS-12439)
  • Enable downtime model-based node deletion to happen when unmanaged interfaces exist (Issue NMS-12442)
  • Improve alarmd Drools engine performance by using STREAM mode (Issue NMS-12455)
  • Refactoring of the Cassandra installation instructions (Issue NMS-12397)
  • SNMP detector should use snmp profiles (Issue NMS-12406)
  • Allow telemetry flows to balance across Kafka partitions (Issue NMS-12427)
  • Add system test for IpfixTcpParser (Issue NMS-12434)
  • Associate exporter node using Observation Domain Id (Issue NMS-12435)

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