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OpenNMS Horizon 25.1.1 (Bánh bột lọc)

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4 years ago

Release 25.1.1 is the third release in the Horizon 25 series.

It contains a number of bug fixes mostly related to alarm and event processing and potential resource leaks, as well as provisioning enhancements to SNMP profiles.

The codename for 25.1.1 is Bánh bột lọc.

  • Readiness probe with Minion in Kubernetes with health:check does not work (Issue NMS-12120)
  • AlarmLifecycleListenerManagerIT and AlarmdIT flapping (Issue NMS-12309)
  • Strange behavior on used threads and file descriptors on Minion (Issue NMS-12366)
  • Upstream Drools Bug: From with modify fires unexpected rule (Issue NMS-12367)
  • Build failure during release for 25.1.0 in CircleCI (Issue NMS-12380)
  • Discovery does not honor exclude-range inside a definition (Issue NMS-12385)
  • Discovery exclude-range is not location-aware (Issue NMS-12386)
  • Update OpenJDK 11.0.4 to 11.0.5 (Issue NMS-12387)
  • Elasticsearch event forwarder manipulates in-flight event (Issue NMS-12390)
  • is broken after OpenNMS 25.1.0 update (Issue NMS-12392)
  • SNMP profile fitting is not triggered in some cases when MINION is involved (Issue NMS-12399)
  • Alarmd fails intermittently and OOMs (Issue NMS-12412)
  • SNMP Remove from definitions fails for definitions with profile label (Issue NMS-12413)
  • Migrate guide to run with Docker from GitHub repo to Installation guide (Issue NMS-12375)
  • Enhance new snmp profiles to allow fitting to nodes inside requisitions without SNMP service associated to any IPs configured (Issue NMS-12396)
  • Use OpenJDK 8 JDK for build environment (Issue NMS-12398)

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