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OpenLineage 0.5.2

latest releases: 1.6.0, 1.5.0, 1.4.1...
22 months ago


  • Proxy backend example using Kafka @wslulciuc
  • Support Databricks Delta Catalog naming convention with DatabricksDeltaHandler @wjohnson
  • Add javadoc as part of build task @mobuchowski
  • Include TableStateChangeFacet in non V2 commands for Spark @mr-yusupov
  • Support for SqlDWRelation on Databricks' Azure Synapse/SQL DW Connector @wjohnson
  • Implement input visitors for v2 commands @pawel-big-lebowski
  • Enabled SparkListenerJobStart events to trigger open lineage events @collado-mike


  • dbt: job namespaces for given dbt run match each other @mobuchowski
  • Fix Breaking SnowflakeOperator Changes from OSS Airflow @denimalpaca

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