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pre-releaseone day ago


This alpha version is for testing only.
It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability.
If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, please check with the Gitter Chat Room in advance before opening an Issue.

The latest five updates are:

  • 6592405 Temporary solution for fixing Wi-Fi scan result list and Location service.
  • b1494f0 AirportItlwm: Delete AirportItlwm-Ventura-Info.plist, Ventura and Monterey share the same info plist.
  • 3984afe itlwm: Move connection params into class as member variables instead.
  • 37655e0 iwx: Add support for PCI id 0x43F0:0x1652
  • 5e30dc1 Actions: Update ncipollo/release-action plugin to v1.12.0.

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