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Alpha build v0.254 (04.08.2020)

Simple steps to play OpenApoc on Windows right now

(Keep in mind that it is ALPHA - this means bugs, crushes and not all features implemented, use our bug-tracker at to report bugs and navigate known ones)

1) Download the OpenApoc core files:

2) Acquire the original X-Com Apocalypse CD-ROM and create an ISO Image of that, or use Steam's "cd.iso" or GOGs "xcom.cue"/"xcom.bin"

  • If you have already specified the "cd.iso" location in the installer, you don't need to do this step
  • You need have all files in the disc ISO file including MUSIC so only legit ISOs will work and not torrents that often lack the music
  • If the disc image is in .iso format, rename it to "cd.iso"
  • We also support the GOG .cue / .bin files!

3) Put cd.iso (image or folder) into the data folder under the specified OpenApoc install folder

  • If you have already specified the "cd.iso" location in the installer, you don't need to do this step
  • To use GOG .cue/.bin you rename the XCOM.cue file to "cd.iso", put that in the OpenApoc data folder, then put the XCOM.BIN, without renaming it, into the data folder too

4) Run and enjoy!


  • Fixes for destroyed bases … @Jarskih
  • Merge pull request #923 from Jarskih/hire-fire-screen … @FilmBoy84
  • Fix CTD on the Hire/Fire Staff button … @Jarskih
  • Merge pull request #916 from idshibanov/extract_economy_data … @FilmBoy84
  • Comment section rather than the line @idshibanov
  • Use map values for buildings for original difficulty @idshibanov
  • Replace magic number with civilianSalary variable @idshibanov
  • Structured bindings and constness @idshibanov
  • Replace static building data with extracted one @idshibanov
  • Merge branch 'master' of int… … @idshibanov
  • isBuildingPart boolean determined by original data @idshibanov
  • Fix organization references @idshibanov
  • Merge pull request #917 from JonnyH/WIP/thin-string … @JonnyH
  • Remove UString and just use std::string and std::u32string … @JonnyH
  • Merge pull request #919 from JonnyH/WIP/remove-trace … @JonnyH
  • Remove unused variable capture in threadpool @JonnyH
  • Fix small logical errors @idshibanov
  • Formatting fix @idshibanov
  • Bugfixes after testing @idshibanov
  • Update organization finances at the start of the new game
  • Remove function trace infrastructure … @JonnyH
  • Implement AI organization budget management @idshibanov
  • Initial implementation of civilian workforce @idshibanov
  • Avoid using unsigned values @idshibanov
  • Update BuildingFunction extraction and serialization
  • Update Building::isAlive logic @idshibanov
  • Extract building initialization data @idshibanov
  • Add city-level weekly update call @idshibanov
  • Add building init stub for future maps @idshibanov
  • Merge pull request #914 from JonnyH/WIP/fmt … @JonnyH
  • Initialize city data @idshibanov
  • Serialize additional data @idshibanov
  • Merge pull request #901 from JonnyH/WIP/cxx20 … @JonnyH
  • Make LineSegmentIterator operator == and != const … @JonnyH
  • Merge branch 'openapoc/master' into extract_economy_data @idshibanov
  • Extract values if it's not an alien building @idshibanov
  • Add economy variables to Building class @idshibanov
  • Expand mapping of original building struct @idshibanov
latest release: 0.386
11 months ago