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one month ago

This is an awesome release! Really hope you guys enjoy this one!

New Features

  • Plex Watchlist Import ✨ When a user adds something to their watchlist, it can now automatically be turned into a request for that user! Enable it in the Plex Settings and ask your user to log out of Ombi and then back in to take effect. Documentation!
  • 4K ✨ request support, we also allow a second instance of Radarr to send 4K requests (Enable under Settings > Control Features)
  • media details ✨ Trakt icon link now appears on the details page #4522
  • notifications ✨ Email notifications now can contain a direct link to the media #4517
  • sso ✨ Allow custom Header Authentication


  • API: Fixed an issue where the API key couldn't delete a request #4489 (8e42dbf)
  • media-sync: Add sanity checks upon media server sync (#4493) (9915234), closes #4472
  • newsletter: Fix newsletter not publishing double episodes (#4495) (ddf63fb)
  • sonarr: Fixed where requesting all seasons would only mark the latest as monitored #4496 (cfb85c2)
  • plex: Fixed an issue where in a rare case we couldn't sync the data #4502 (191318d)
  • notifications: 🐛 This is a fix for some of the duplicate notification issues #3825 (22bb422)
  • settings: 🐛 Fixed an issue where we were not displaying the excluded keyworks correctly in the TheMovieDbSettings page (d3b3316)
  • emby: 🐛 Fixed the emby content sync #4513 (bd441cb)
  • emby/jellyfin: 🐛 Fixed another issue where we were not correctly displaying the correct status' for movies (5c0556e)
  • media server: fixed some more issues in the media server sync and availability checks (f3ea979)
  • issues: Fix label ID in chatbox page (#4520) (76882ad)
  • localisation: Localize request types in notifications (#4516) (e09435d)
  • notifications: Remove generic admin email in favour of admins' email (#4519) (b90fc5f)
  • tv: Display TV show as requested if all episodes are requested (#4518) (2ed8c48)
  • requests: 🐛 Fixed the issue where we could no longer approve TV Requests from the requests list (19fe4e3)
  • translations: 🌐 New translations from Crowdin [skip ci] (#4526) (7e9f54f)
  • requests: 🐛 Fixed an issue where you couldn't approve movies from the request list (1611ef9)
  • Sonarr: 🐛 Fixed an issue where some seasons were not being monitored correctly in sonarr (60cfd41), closes #4506
  • 🐛 Fixed the Request On Behalf autocomplete not filtering correctly (a8ba2f3), closes #4539
  • jellyfin: 🐛 Fixed an issue where Jellyfin content was showing the Play on Emby button (18b167d), closes #4542
  • mediaserver: fixed an issue where we were not detecting available content correctly #4542 (9cdd6f4)
  • metadata: improved the metadata job to also lookup the media in Plex to see if it has any more up to date metadata (83d1a15)
  • radarr: Fixed an issue where we couldn't sync radarr content #4577 (a5355a3)
  • wizard: Fixed an issue when using Plex OAuth it could fail setting up (b743cf4)
  • upgrade: Upgraded to Angular 13 and other dependency upgrades
  • plex/jellyfin 🐛 Fixed an issue where updates for the syncs would not always save correctly
  • many more technical improvements and fixes

Here's a picture of Bruce this morning to cheer you all up!

Full Changelog: v4.10.1...v4.16.11

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