github Ombi-app/Ombi v4.13.0

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pre-release2 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • 4k: Hide 'Has 4K Request' column list if 4k feature is disabled (#4521) (a9a6067)
  • issues: Fix label ID in chatbox page (#4520) (76882ad)
  • localisation: Localize request types in notifications (#4516) (e09435d)
  • notifications: Remove generic admin email in favour of admins' email (#4519) (b90fc5f)
  • tv: Display TV show as requested if all episodes are requested (#4518) (2ed8c48)


  • email-notifications: Add a link to Ombi details page in email notifications (#4517) (a3e97b3)
  • media-details: Add Trakt to social icons (#4522) (d6ae79c)

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