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  • e302cf6 Merge pull request #4312 from Ombi-app/feature/request-limits
  • d608798 test: ✅ Ignore some tests that are failing on CI
  • 97be373 fix: 🐛 Fixed the issue where the user management login dates were not local time [ #2925 ]
  • 978d4ea feat(request-limits): ✨ Added the UI portion to set the new limits
  • a6e8eef wip
  • 1ba054e test(request-limits): ✅ Added tests for the new RequestLimitRules
  • e31ee8d feat(request-limits): ✨ Updated the RequestLimit Rules to use the new refactored service
  • 6adf75d refactor(request-limits): ♻️ Refactored the request limits to sit in their own services
  • 364b9f1 feat(request-limits): ✨ Request limits are no longer a rolling date. But reset at the start of the week or month depending on the preference
  • 847873c test(request-limits): ✅ Added full coverage unit tests for the new request limits
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  • 70d5bf5 feat(request-limits): ✨ Added in the main logic for the new request limits
  • f73bccb feat(request-limits): 🗃️ Added new user field migrations to mysql and sqlite
  • f5310b7 feat(request-limits): 🎉 Started on the request limits, applied to the user model

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