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8 months ago

A preview of the new advanced search functionality, this is not yet complete but is in a workable and usable state

You can currently access this by pressing the Filter button next to the search bar!
I'm thinking about removing the filter (TV and Movies switches) and just have the advanced search there, let me know what you think

Please leave your initial feedback on the discord!


7f2c5a5 Advanced Search
bc59a50 Added the ability to show seasonal content ;)
Improved performance and system load when loading content [ #4082 ]
6d70010 Added the option to select libaries to monitor in Jellyfin and Emby #2389
0c4bd10 Added the Digital Release Date back in
a702e22 added russian into the language #4259
bd857c1 Added some more logging and resilience around the Plex OAuth login #4232
5db455e Added back in the ability to mark movies as unavailable


8c70874 fixed issue with sorting movie requests
f8c1114 Fixed #4234
a9bbd55 Fixed issue with couchpotato profiles not loading correctly
0bbf5c1 added null check to to prevent crash when loading couchpotato settings for the first time
b406dc0 Fixed the issue where the first scan has the potential to not get all the shows depending on the order of the plex libraries
90da69a Plex OAuth window will now auto close
7119407 Fixed the jellyfin load libraries issue #4266
45b692c Fixed #4290
309f214 Change the API to use the virtual folders call and also take into consideration mixed content folders #2389
6327782 Fixed the discord notification test issue

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