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11 months ago

Big nice update incoming!


  • We no longer block you from Requesting all seasons if we already have Season 1 Available/Requested. We will just request the delta now! For example if we request Season 1 and we have the first 3 episodes requested, we will skip those and request the remaining #2709
  • Add genre filtering function; Add genre filter to discovery
  • Added the Open Mobile app to the navbar when on small devices (mobile)
  • Added the ability to unsubscribe from the newsletter #2137
  • Added the ability for the admin to be able to copy the app link to send to users that have the app installed so they can automatically be authenticated
  • #4203 Added back the ability for users with ManageOwnRequests role to manage their requests!
  • Added the ability to re-process requests
  • Added the ability to hide the user in the discord notification
  • Improved the message on the admin request popup
  • Autofocus the Search field
  • Smaller menu for mobile devices
  • #2807 Added the ability to deny the request even if it's available
  • The docs button now go to the specific doc's pages #4223


  • #2448 Discord Webhook
  • TV results now respect the users set language
  • Fixed the issue where searching some movies may appear available if they have the same TvDb Id as the result's MovieDbId
  • Improved the Plex OAuth flow
  • Added a message on the application url field to better explain what it does
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't remove a legacy user from the notifications
  • #4152 Fixed
  • #4057 #4180 Bulk Edit doesn't update user's Streaming Country
  • Fixed an issue where for Available Emby content, the service ID was not being passed
  • #4181 Fixed the deseralizing issue
  • #4190 User preferences Apple App Store image path broken when configured as reverse proxy
  • Fixed a small issue where the request button was appearing when it shouldn't be
  • #4208 "Options" button for Requests not working
  • #4094 The newsletter will now contain Jellyfin Movies
  • Fixed the issue when using the "Request First Season" it was picking the "Specials" season.
  • #4215 Fixed the Radarr issues, we are now no longer using the old Radarr API's that have now been removed
  • #4218 V4 Poster aspect ratio keeps changing
  • #4219 V4 Sidebar too wide
  • Fixed the issue where the Plex Server URL was no longer formatted correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where Ombi would pickup a TV Show/Movie as available when it has the same TMDB Id as something that is already available.
  • #4166 Fixed we will now fall back if there are no regional assets to use
  • #4189 when there is no poster for the searched content, we now automatically show the titles for easier discoverability
  • #3832 Fixed an issue when requesting a collection that we have partially available, it would show as an error, but still add the remaining requests

Here's Bruce sleeping!


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