github Ombi-app/Ombi v4.0.1387

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pre-release12 months ago


  • 105d055 Merge pull request #4199 from Ashton-Sidhu/feature/genre-filter
  • 5b8ebc3 Remove incorrect import
  • 9082aae Add 1em to margin top of the genre drop down
  • 2c94f98 Add genre filtering function; Add genre filter to discovery
  • 53523b3 Add settings for exlcuded genre and movie Ids
  • 910f638 Remove unnecessary structs
  • cd7db8b Populate and save the dropdown selections
  • e899428 Made genre exclusion a drop down
  • c217235 Add backend API calls for genres
  • 341f658 Create Genre structs

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