github Ombi-app/Ombi v4.0.1319

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pre-release13 months ago


  • 78442f2 Merge pull request #4133 from Ombi-app/develop-kuraki
  • b61d530 Added mobile tests
  • f2ea1d0 Fixed up some more tests
  • 0eeb163 Fixed automation tests
  • 16515ed Stupid container being stupid. Told it to stop
  • 9294c27 BEGONE you ugly separator
  • f106b2b Stop shouting in my face stupid filters
  • 94862ae Some styling changes to the discover page
  • 1c8ab3c Reworked top search. included username. styling fixes for menu
  • a055e2e Merge pull request #4131 from Ombi-app/develop

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