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pre-release14 months ago


  • 4c57110 Merge pull request #4112 from Ombi-app/feature/admin-request-options
  • 1011d96 removed onlys
  • 8eb34d1 Removed the Request on behalf from the details menu as it's no longer needed there and tidied up some of the icons
  • 130efd8 Fixed the bugs that the automation tests found
  • 600c88d Removed only's
  • b9f5c06 Fixed unit tests
  • 5678f43 Fixed up tests to be aware of the new dialog
  • 5e6edc2 Got TV working nicely
  • 62cceb8 removed .only
  • e34ce21 Fixed all the automation tests, and the bugs that the tests found
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  • c5f123b Got a bit of the work done, needs some polish then tackle tv
  • 8738230 Fixed the issue where fully available TV shows were showing as partially available

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