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pre-release14 months ago


  • 7f0d427 Merge pull request #4072 from Ombi-app/feature/reverse-proxy-chnage
  • 795fbac Fixed #4073
  • 4035bbe Merge branch 'develop' into feature/reverse-proxy-chnage
  • 3d7a048 Set the base url correctly when it's stored in the settings
  • 66aac00 Merge branch 'feature/reverse-proxy-chnage' of into feature/reverse-proxy-chnage
  • bb4d892 Fixed some warnings
  • 472803e Ensure we always update the index page with the new base url
  • 80a3ded Trimed the frontend baseUrl if there is an extra forwardslash the end
  • b90ef21 Fixed the extra slash
  • fb59f23 Merge with develop
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  • 6937a90 Try the new way of setting up the reverse proxy

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