github Ombi-app/Ombi v4.0.1095

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pre-release15 months ago


  • fc66a72 Merge pull request #4040 from Ombi-app/develop-test2
  • 5649c18 Fixed up some of the settings on the tv page
  • 6c3d7b3 small fix for tv
  • ae73b78 Fixed up the tv details sonarr override issues
  • 1527cbb Added a button to clear the media data and resync
  • 8832ae7 Fixed the issue where the password box is still shown even when auth with no password is enabled
  • 8d3e22f Merge branch 'develop-test2' of into develop-test2
  • 5008b89 Fix for the request button on the discover page
  • 4249a3e Added the paginator to the issues #4014
  • 162a1fd Some changes on the Movie Details page (including optimisation for Mobile)

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