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pre-release15 months ago


  • d8bf196 Merge pull request #4029 from Ombi-app/develop-test2
  • 0e65dd6 Merge branch 'develop' into develop-test2
  • 4e17b7c Updated references to the repo to the new org
  • 278467c Added bulk approve and delete on the movie requests list page, tv and music coming next
  • db1266e Merge branch 'develop-test2' of into develop-test2
  • c87cfbc Fixed up the advanced options on the movie details page, we now load it in correctly and display them in the correct order
  • 8024be5 Fixing unclickable posters including pointer
  • ff7862f Merge branch 'develop-test2' of into develop-test2
  • f63f74e Trigger the Plex Job when we clear the data out to resync
  • b88ac43 Update plex.component.html
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  • 8e72a37 Merge pull request #4020 from Ombi-app/org_github_templating
  • cc68e2b Replaced all links to old repo with new repo

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