github Ombi-app/Ombi v4.0.1032

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pre-release16 months ago


  • 85ffac9 Merge pull request #4003 from Ombi-app/develop-test
  • f0853e9 Fix colors of expansion panels
  • 38635ef Fix for the request on behalf window
  • b733fd1 Fix for the login screen on mobile devices
  • 52abf18 Made a big boo boo but fixed it :D (forgot to close span on View On buttons)
  • 8c37564 Fix for buttons in request list (spacing)
  • 4e62613 Style changes on side-nav for less spacing between items
  • 5584c3a WIP detail page (better fix for title)
  • 448d1da WIP on the detail page
  • 5fb2d30 Even more color issues fixed
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