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Arbitrum Nitro v2.1.0 Alpha 2

pre-release15 days ago

This release is available as a Docker image on Docker Hub at offchainlabs/nitro-node:v2.1.0-alpha.2-98d68f5

This release follows v2.0.15 alpha 2, now part of the v2.1.0 line.

What's Changed

This release adds support for custom chain configuration, including L3 chains, compared to the previous alpha release.

User-facing Improvements

  • Support the node loading chain information from a JSON file: #1577
  • Support L2.chain-name, ifps and base64 encoded l2Chain configs: #1645
  • The great config rename: #1657
  • Replay: load chain config from init msg / arbos state: #1598
  • Allow separate wallets for validator and batch poster: #1605
  • Update to use geth with fixed EVMTransfers tracing: #1638

Internal Highlights

  • Store rollup node ArbSys block numbers if on an Arbitrum host chain: #1597
  • Create rpcclient: #1603
  • Fix the pruning check for if the node is running a block validator: #1633
  • Make the data poster nonce query resilient: #1640
  • block_processor: fix header for block being built: #1650

Configuration Changes

  • --l2.chain-id has been renamed to
    • You can now optionally specify instead, with the possibilities "arb1", "nova", and "goerli-rollup"
  • --l1.url has been renamed to --parent-chain.connection.url
  • --l1.connection-attempts was removed (see the --parent-chain.connection.* family of options for replacements, but the defaults should result in a good number of attempts already)
  • --l1.chain-id has been renamed to
  • All other --l2.* options have been renamed to --chain.*
  • All other --l1.* options have been renamed to --parent-chain.*

Full Changelog: v2.0.15-alpha.2...v2.1.0-alpha.2

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