github OctopusDeployLabs/terraform-provider-octopusdeploy v0.7.64

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20 months ago


  • 3471d46 Corrected Windows file paths for build
  • e37ecc3 Merge pull request #300 from OctopusDeployLabs/enh-winmake
  • 79ef87b Merge pull request #307 from OctopusDeployLabs/bug-spaceteams306
  • c616a28 Merge pull request #310 from OctopusDeployLabs/bug-projectspaceid294
  • 06df20b Project schema wasn't including SpaceID in the data to send to Octopus
  • 9f179d6 Update
  • dba67fb Updated the Space schema so that the space managers team never gets written to state. It gets removed on read from the API and added before calling the API on updates.
  • 7c12c75 Use OS specific user profile path and pick OS_ARCH up from env var, if it's set
  • 851c69c chore: updated documentation
  • d5ef3ca missed a rename
  • 4ed0ef7 renames to match Go naming convention

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