github OctopusDeployLabs/terraform-provider-octopusdeploy v0.7.59

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23 months ago


1106a48 Merge pull request #239 from OctopusDeployLabs/dependabot/github_actions/crazy-max/ghaction-import-gpg-4
be33007 Merge pull request #247 from mattjw79/fix/update-deploy-proc-example
d9b9499 Merge pull request #268 from OctopusDeployLabs/fix-267
7bf6176 chore(deps): bump crazy-max/ghaction-import-gpg from 3 to 4
a2b1c7f chore: updated dependencies
417030e chore: updated dependencies
5e5d891 chore: updated go-releaser configuration
d3a8b28 chore: updated input for workflow
5795e22 chore: updated to Go v1.17
2f1b764 feat: migrated to new project trigger infrastructure in Go API client
d60a6bc fix: Update octopusdeploy_deployment_process example to use run_script_action.
3b8111b fix: added validation checks
5659b72 refactor: moved schema definition for project deployment target trigger resources

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