github OctopusDeployLabs/terraform-provider-octopusdeploy v0.7.55

latest releases: v0.12.7, v0.12.6, v0.12.5...
2 years ago


0297b75 Add spaces filter to Teams data source
3959877 Fix loop source
12ae762 Merge branch 'master' into feat-scoped-user-role-resource
e5b2bee Merge branch 'master' of into feat-scoped-user-role-resource
5f85d49 Merge pull request #154 from evan-cleary/feat-scoped-user-role-resource
20ea5ee chore: updated dependencies
91272cf feat(team): Add user role support to team resource
c017cd6 feat: Add scoped user role resource
3629948 fix(d/team): Fix data source schema for teams
72294c8 fix: updated to latest API client changes

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