github OctopusDeployLabs/terraform-provider-octopusdeploy v0.7.54

latest releases: v0.12.7, v0.12.6, v0.12.5...
2 years ago


af1152c chore: code cleanup of tests
2495068 chore: updated dependencies
e6d5a54 chore: updated documentation
ba264a1 chore: updated type usage to reflect API client changes
f622931 chore: updated type usage to reflect client changes
f2a928c feat: added new function for properties; refactored serialization
adc322b fix: resolved correct test
1f16cff fix: updated serialization bug
9cc387d fix: updated test
b7bbf12 refactor: code cleanup
9baaef5 refactor: code cleanup
8e32bb9 refactor: removed validateValueFunc and updated dependencies
a34fe00 refactor: updated code for readability
4d584d0 refactor: updated tests

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