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2 years ago


4d55d53 Update release YAML
d2b73e7 Add release workflow
f2a3963 Merge pull request #119 from OctopusDeploy/beta-candidate-01
d760dbc Fixed #29
b96d207 Fixed null error
59866af Updated dependencies
a4dddc9 Update offline package drop
748c410 Updated provider loading
6f4ab67 Bumped dependencies
256efa4 Updated documentation
f1cfaab Added tenants data source testing
1670895 Added test for Kubernetes deployment target
c07c61e Adds user role support
275c5f5 Bumped dependencies
710da23 Fixed tests
bad2b4b Updated expansion function with Set
3f25f59 Updated endpoint expansion utility
81e2818 Updated tests
f81515b Updated port
f5196db Updated port
7984b76 Removed network
8d607b6 Updated docker compose
7ac2057 Updated to latest
4a96940 Fixed broken tests
10b2122 Updated tests
8079363 Updated tests
a62a3a2 Fixed tests
e204c37 Added Computed property
7148d7d Updated variable name
8359998 Updated tests
fa37b33 Updated test function name
f68d2ec Fixed tests
7d9ec15 Added validation to policies
2c2a758 Updated tests
183950a Update
02783f8 Updated test
fd1e102 Updated test
d6d4576 Updated to support space ID and space name
a47bcf6 Switched required to optional
6e0fde2 Updated deployment target resource and tests
caa7f02 Renamed rules list to rule
e32007b Fixed tests
0040da8 Updated account test
cb302e1 Updated tests
5e69057 Fixed build
5caf28f Fixed tests
54ae933 Fixed tests
ee35e2c Fixed bug resolving secret name
7606c3d Bumped version
757b112 Updated test
941a083 Enabled acceptance testing
52c8e2d Delete terraform.tfstate.1604719430.backup
103ed66 Testing and code formatting updates
e28cc31 Defined tests for deployment action package
433c218 Updated flattening procedure
ed013c7 Bumped dependencies
e1627a2 Fixed data sources
354c33f Updated tests
04b59dd Updated documentation
a002cdb Removed constants files
6ce80e2 Updated README
9aa77d9 Length check
7a65762 Updated docs, dependencies, and nil checks
2ded827 Updated project docs
99f842f Updated documentation
2025651 Updated documentation
ac9ded5 Updated semantics of accounts
323396c Updated documentation
5978989 Updated examples
5bc0a19 Added documentation for user
068647a Updated documentation
02b114b Updated documentation
1d91565 Bumped timeout
17cbd35 Added documentation for project
5391165 Added documentation
f5b146c Added documentation
d12681c K8S auth for username-password and token accounts
99681b5 Add application_id and remove client_id
2d40607 Apply ForceNew for change to account type
bf7ebf6 Updated documentation
fc3d1fc Added logging and applied code formatting
7964d8c Bumped dependencies
b18f55f Added logging
ce44fc2 Added SortOrder
d51e93a Updated tag and tag set implementations (and documentation)
d4a0e55 Removed tenant tags from test
ec478f8 Added logging
2b32a57 Added support for tenants
6e37995 Updated documentation
d88f93b Code formatting
cb91d09 Added for serialization
117f77d Updated tests
4a32489 WIP
ddd1bbf Updated deprecation message and plural of result set
58f8c6f Added error return type and error checking
840e709 Made plural result sets
a77b2a7 Added logging
6039bae Updated deprecation message
b656a33 Added deployment targets and tenants
a4b0047 Updated docs
e7ec01f Updated validation for queries
ddcc086 Updated documentation
858815c Updated query function names
9f3eae2 Updated data sources to use singular naming
b1fdef1 Added machine data source (to be deprecated)
871dc01 Removed string constants
ddef6df Updated documentation
440be25 Updated dependencies
5b16376 Added example
dccd5b6 Bumped dependencies
4fdc537 Added main template for docs
776cd3c Updated docs
12bd58e Heavy refactoring
0e251d6 Added documentation
7329c92 Added examples for documentation
499a4cc Bumped dependencies
02d2ef8 Added descriptions
b07da56 Code formatting
d0341ff Added description
dc2e114 Initial implementation of user role support
3376b44 Added ID to setUser
4f93bf2 Bumped dependencies
8f3f7ba Updated script to write API key
6e8c4f0 Bumped dependencies
d159ad2 Removed ValidateFunc
dd83719 Updated all dependencies
c15c6ed Bumped dependencies
d5142aa Implemented support for Kubernetes Auth
629aecf Moved function and updated function names
e4660de Switched to partial_name
c11f917 Used 404 response for Read operation
4024ddf Updated Create and Update implementations to use Read
fed4696 Renamed set operation
3448768 Updated for 404 response
490a487 Used flattened map for input
a5d0ac9 Renamed
7301a17 Used flattened map for input
749b5dc Code formatting
2e2095f Removed unnecessary type qualifier; renamed set function
ccb192c Updated to use flattened map
6c8d6c7 Removed unnecessary type qualifier, removed SetId
909d11e Removed unnecessary type qualifier
29e9868 Bumped dependencies
01daf53 Code formatting
5d90685 Removed unused code; applied code formatting; added deprecated message to endpoint
202af9f Set space_id as optional
46235f8 Updated spacing
07e1faf Updated formatting
e107981 Updated formatting and values
7378873 Updated formatting
2faca77 Updated variable listing
15ae3b3 Updated variables
f383d35 Updated formatting and values
5fa29a0 Updated formatting
e14274f Removed unused source file
b9b6fd9 Removed unused output parameter
8c6d62e Updated code formatting
454a791 Removed unused functions
d1a4dd9 Unused
32a6f77 Implemented delete function
9f23c2c Updated function names
be15953 Implemented delete function
ce0f8c8 Updated account implementations
bd7672e Applied deprecation message, set ID appropriately if missing (404)
0438cd0 Updated tenant_id schema field and UUID checks
f91c49c Updated variable name
a9c0948 Added missing field (id)
b81a34f Updated test to reflect proper query parameters
98ed6ec Implemented machine policy sources
18b8de3 Updated strings
9da5157 Updated strings
da00bdc Added machine policy resource, updated strings
96b7cff Removed unused constants
576f4a7 Update project group processing
06e01af Implement feed data source and schema changes
d430579 Refactoring filter
347b8cf Added flattenTagSet
72161c9 Added flattenTags
e8ff074 Used flattenTagSet function
e4adbdf Code formatting
ac17a34 Moved schema into appropriate source file
cb47713 Moved account schema into schema file
af6b787 User refactoring
37414f1 Refactored schema for users
950fcc6 Updated code formatting; updated data schema values
a0f4692 Used schema implementation
a7e6481 Schema implementation
adb9527 Updated code formatting
917f97e Updated reset values for data schema
dca96f7 Updated code formatting
96b5ef9 Added flatten function
917b8ce Implemented environments data source
024fe68 Bumped dependencies
74b90f3 Implemented machine policies data source
b9f8067 Bumped dependencies
4d0cb20 Applied code formatting
16c6b8f Applied code formatting
4e4803b Updated tests
7d10108 Used status code to detect missing resource
ffdc94a Added test
dfa1cf8 Moved schema functions into separate files
a469fb3 Applied code formatting
0043771 Added correct type names
b005c1b Code formatting
6fc6f5e Updated function name
965cf2b Updated type and function nam
d35a3a1 Updated function usage
6be341d Refactored into schema file; updated function name (more accurate)
f78d0b4 Updated accessibility for function
08c609c Renamed function using set verb (more accurate)
ebd05fa Removed unused constants
55e7b24 Moved schema operations into schema files
78a98eb Defined schema functions
bd689b4 Defined schema functions
b60538d Removed constants; updated code formatting; added getVariableDataSchema
e202f84 Defined schema functions
fa196b9 Defined schema functions
9cc3c88 Defined schema functions
2826586 Moved schema functions
bbf81da Added missing fields; moved schema functions into this file
f5dd811 Updated function name and code formatting
76528cc Updated func name
f6af8a3 Bumped dependencies
2a7bb07 Code formatting
f59ee9f Updated name
b424a3b Bumped dependencies
8b81b06 Moved schema sections into functions
89172e4 Updated field name
f3af075 Added lifecycles data source
f1c6481 Updated tests
c0ebcad Updated tests
3a24682 Added expand functions
f2761ab Code formatting
701489d Implemented lifecycle data source; fixed processing; code formatting
594177d Moved schema and fixed processing
37739ad Bumped dependencies
0f4aa9d Refactoring
d240cf7 Moved schema
f1847e2 Added test
cbd4f62 Removed tag
bceda14 Updated schema
b3bec55 Updated provider
099296a Added test
c42b5d5 Implement data source
30c63aa Moved into schema file
a093986 Added tests
583c86a Implemented data source for tag sets
47a80eb Bumped dependencies
6cbe3ca Removed constants
b3d70d7 Updated provider
544e090 Fixed typo
29c470b Code formatting
6252652 Added test for spaces data source
ca00eeb Removed logging statement
4ae1963 Removed logging statement
c395dcf Moved schema for spaces
d4f8858 Implemented Projects data source
ac33531 Bumped dependencies
cc57661 Moved into schemas, added types, and refactored data sources
84b482e Moved functions
26b7c74 Bumped dependencies
1d68d90 Updated code formatting
e2c72eb Updates to code formatting and structure
bea625a Removed
2d3e9d2 Defined schemas
4e47c6d Updated implementation
951f790 Updated implementation
a47c573 Updated flattening function
626a794 Reflected new name
cf0b1a6 Updated constants
bcc2caa Added missing attributes; used flattenUser function
f8305b1 Moved to source file; called flattenSpace function
d1b11eb Updated test
3bd5ac6 Moved user test
717675c Added user implementation and tests
d6ef7a4 Fixed library variable implementation
252079d Removed unused constants
6f64f67 Renamed user data source to follow conventions
20dcfd3 Added support for importing users
b63aeb7 Removed unnecessary log statement
8cebc14 Updated library variable set data source
dec5651 Removed unnecessary schema
2f890cb Removed unnecessary schema
8eadf59 Moved for naming convention
eaf2a0a Added constants
f5c19e5 Added support for library variable sets
96698e0 Bumped dependencies; updated lifecycle implementation
2f39592 Code formatting improvements
bf47dac Updated code formatting
d835a46 Updated formatting
0c739fd Updated formatting
adade46 Restructured code and added token support
f254b64 Moved functions out of file; into utility file
73d2868 Moved functions into utility file
44c2788 Updated code formatting
67f6d24 Updated code structure
7141397 Updated naming
a427b6e Updated formatting
5ec2c9c Updated logging output
44f14a8 Adde support for token account
43f5478 Moved to standard naming
140ff86 Moved to standard naming
b9a6513 Added constants
14ab528 Bumped versions
29e9dac Code cleanup
f74b98d Code cleanup
6efbc7e Used random values for tests
ed0d641 Restructured tests
9948db2 Used random values for tests
e0d266d Used random values for tests
d665e0e Switched to v2 of SDK
71d1f2f Added random values for tests
ee1d95e Added random values for tests
0641f02 Added random values for tests
e3b4ad7 Added random values for tests
5bea45e Added random values for tests
028dabf Added random values
df3f7de Reordered fields, clean up testing
d43c5c8 Code cleanup
a784ca5 Added constants
1d3894e Added spaces, reordered fields
bdbeced Initial implementation for spaces
432f92f Added getFeedTypeSchema
74d924b Bumped versions
e238c66 Updated docs
d3b744b Updated to latest refactoring in go client
f75f8d5 TFVars space ID change
3278fae Changed AWS account directory
d6fb39b Removed var file direction as it's now in each Terraform module
61a494f Added back in terraform.tfvars config into each example for best practices
b0829d4 Benchmark testing and formatting fixes
24b2b27 Consistency check
0a4765e Consistency check on data resources
3aa484d Updated environment and machine to set IDs as name
3b53397 Removed append
1ff6d73 Changed values to value
7ed180c Added pointer value
e2da267 Added pointers to values and reverted from diag.Diagnostics to error
3296106 Removed sets that weren't needed
f3dfd91 Merge branch 'beta-candidate-01' of into beta-candidate-01
0f51fba Added the decsription for the resource schema and changed error type to diag.Diagnostics type
4c2591e Replaced validateValueFunc with validateDiagFunc
2051777 Updated to string types and used wrapper func
7471000 Added validateDiagFunc wrapper function
d386621 Removed unused constants
bd47ef5 Update to ValidateDiagFunc
5d57ad4 Updated ValidateFunc to ValidateDiagFunc
76036eb Added in ValidateDiagFunc
c1d1147 Updated util.go with proper error validation for diag.Diagnostics and added in ValidateDiagFunc
083d1d2 Updated util with new diag.Diagnostics
931a51b Changed ValidateFunc to ValidateDiagFunc as ValidateFunc was deprecated
6d99e0b Replaced SchemaValidateFunc with SchemaValidateDiagFunc as the former was deprecated in V2 of the Terraform SDK
fa8c731 Updated ImportStatePassthrough to ImportStatePassthroughContext as the former was deprecated in V2 of the Terraform SDK
cb7db45 Changed ImportStatePassthrough to ImportStatePassthroughContext as the former was deprecated in the Terraform V2 SDK.
fe0f1a7 constAccountTypeAzure is no longer needed
4a491a4 Updated nil type
0e3c3c6 Updated gosec needs for constants and error handling for machine variable
ab8daa6 Added pointer in to specify provider value
d502a55 Updated provider test to use V2 Terraform SDK
097e7b0 Updated provider test
910b9f2 Upgraded to Terraform 2.0 SDK and updated the provder.go to use the *schema.Provider, which replaced terraform.ResourceProvider (
b0fa23e Updated to ignore vendor folder
9a68327 Fixed spacing
62cdac3 Resolved bug with updates
31f05db Added makefile
3968c05 Code cleanup
6826269 Updated empty string checks
51e936a More code cleanup
2eeb116 More code cleanup
a51fb6d Removed old code
a679aec Updated constants
8cbac76 Code cleanup
cf1d3ac Added constVariable
06161c6 Code cleanup
90b1532 Added constProjectTrigger
34fb186 Added deployment process consts
035b2a5 Added constDeploymentProcess
19c71b9 Updated to string constants
08477da Added constProjectGroup
db7c9c2 Added isEmpty, logResource, and used string constants
3faf691 Added error function
619cff0 Used nil for initialization (by design)
0026fee Updated constants
ccdc5dd Specified string types for constants
a6d3f68 Code adjustments using the Account type
4b72a21 Updated resource cert with testing standards
c9adab4 Edge cases and standard testing for Azure Service Principal account
c21339b Created tests for aws account resource and created standard testing cases
552d142 Merge branch 'beta-candidate-01' of into beta-candidate-01
4f174b1 Type updates
3432d44 Error handling for package reference and cert resource
38cc814 Require bool check
60b4df5 Checking nil for deploy package
6f7c406 The mutex package from terraform is deprecated. I replaced it with the "sync" package that has a Mutex function with lock and unlock capabilities available. Terraform resource:
ad8f816 No longer needed the mutex condition specified here now that I'm going directly to the source in resource_variable.go
fafc965 Updated to new version of using Mutex functions
28802f9 Originally to encrypt a value, you needed to use the encryption function (implemented two years ago before the change). Now, Terraform has made it easier with the "Sensitive" value in the schema. The code that was there is no longer needed.
f796408 Removed nosec rules
c288c60 Added in nosec rules
35eeb26 Added in nosec rule for two false positives
56cf081 Added spaces after comments per gocritic
82e4ff5 Put spaces after comments per gocritic
28ace13 Added spaces after comments per gocritic
72eb98b Added space for comment per gocritic guidelines
3c24112 updated branch
dc4820c Merge branch 'master' into beta-candidate-01
15d1b25 Updated to run on only beta candidate branch for now
9be255e Updated to test on all pushes
3a85643 Removed secretkey that looked like a password per gosec linter and updated name of Test function per govet
02fc9f6 spaces between comments per linting standards
8964eeb Space fix between comments. Pulled out the comments since they were no longer used
e751a13 Update go.yml
d07c7f8 Update go.yml
9c53bcb Update go.yml
c943dce Update go.yml
8f36dfa golang-ci static code analysis
fd42a5d SDK update for the provider
c0abfbd Error handling on all functions for "d" and "m" args for each account resource
5c7b42a Added in "d" and "m" arg nil checkers
ceba52b Added in "d" and "m" checkers
4de95b3 Added in nil checking for "d" and "m" args
6142b99 Added in password nil checkers
9a0e847 Password is nil
9f4f2ab Added in nil error for name in accounts.go, a new error function called "nameIsNil" in errors.go, and error checker around password being nil in reosurce azure service principal
d4cf6b8 Removed delete function
8e5d56a Updated AWS account with common schema
87dd015 Default schema updated for Azure
3a474df Changed constant and pointer
3594353 Added string constants
04bd809 Account resource updates for new client
bbdcdd3 config.go bug fix
a6fe73d Updated resource for usernamepass
030f06c Updated resources for new client sdk
4c4ee4d changed old account resources to .old. Keeping them just in case
4a16a71 Updated the mapping to c.Space
de0d815 Docs for cert and channel resources
79f185d Documents for AWS and Azure accounts
69548c0 png
26bb79e png
4d85c92 image name
ab1bf51 Changed image location
00bcac0 Step 5 docs
35c64fc Downloading provider
80e8f22 name change
11be433 Terraform directory step
16181f4 Step 4 on creating a resource
66cd065 Step 2 to get an environment and and a Docker Compose file
b556a74 removed exclamation mark
eb6c21a docs update
e152a1f docs
451f82d readme updated
15b483c Update

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