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CLI: revanced-cli-2.22.0-all.jar
Integrations: revanced-integrations-0.108.0.apk
Patches: revanced-patches-2.174.0.jar

2.174.0 (2023-05-24)

Bug Fixes

  • account fo breaking changes from ReVanced Patcher (#2103) (5be25cd)
  • check for opcode type CONST (e5bb63c)
  • incorrect cast of instruction (fb94a1c)
  • incorrect instruction offsets (42a5a38)
  • incorrect smali syntax (4e74a80)
  • photomath/unlock-plus: constrain to last working version (#2232) (4da268e)
  • readme-generator: attempt sorting versions with FlexVer (#2059) (a54c464)
  • spotify/disable-capture-restriction: make compatible with latest versions (#2095) (e48f127)
  • twitter: correctly resolve to integrations methods (c655416)
  • youtube/custom-video-speed: add missing class for video-speeds patch (#2137) (758ef42)
  • youtube/integrations: allow playback of embedded videos (#2092) (8a43d75)
  • youtube/minimized-playback: update settings description (#2191) (a561a9a)
  • youtube/remember-video-quality: fix default video quality/speed being applied when resuming app. (#2112) (f68a41c)
  • youtube/return-youtube-dislikes: fix temporarily frozen video after opening a shorts (#2126) (e0877e3)
  • youtube/settings: fix non functional back button in settings (#2178) (46da834)
  • youtube/sponsorblock: fix skip button in wrong location when full screen and comments visible (#2051) (30a954c)
  • youtube/sponsorblock: fix toast shown when scrubbing thru a paused video (#2152) (c6c23ff)
  • youtube/spoof-signature-verification: adjusting summary text (#2169) (4ccb1ee)
  • youtube/theme: apply custom seekbar color to video thumbnails (#2085) (d497027)
  • youtube/theme: move options out of dependency patch (a953448)
  • youtube/vanced-microg-support: depend on client-spoof patch (83a4905)
  • youtube/video-speed: add compatibility annotation (#2156) (ffa2e5d)
  • youtube: add missing compatibility annotations for theme and hide-load-more-button (#2150) (78803f8)


  • add capability to filter from protobuf buffer (b738b6b)
  • candylinkvpn: add unlock-pro patch (#2157) (7159f86)
  • improve structure of README (279b193)
  • messenger: add disable-switching-emoji-to-sticker-in-message-input-field patch (#2099) (ac5532a)
  • messenger: add disable-typing-indicator patch (#2115) (5d1de4f)
  • patch: bump compatibility (#2060) (f86836d)
  • reddit: add sanitize-sharing-links patch (#2192) (9593e4b)
  • reddit: remove compatibility version constraints (#2226) (f1288e4)
  • syncforreddit: add disable-ads patch (#2066) (c1de5d6)
  • trakt: add unlock-pro patch (#2210) (1e8dcae)
  • twitch/auto-claim-channel-points: use correct casing for \n
    App Versions:
    YouTube: 18.19.35
    YouTube-Music (arm64-v8a): 5.39.52
    YouTube-Music (arm-v7a): 5.39.52

Install Vanced MicroG to be able to use non-root YouTube or YouTube-Music

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