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YouTube: 18.33.37
Music (arm64-v8a): 6.16.52
Music (arm-v7a): 6.16.52

Install Vanced MicroG or mMicroG to be able to use non-root YouTube or YouTube-Music

Main Repo

CLI: inotia00/revanced-cli-2.22.2-all.jar
Integrations: YT-Advanced/revanced-integrations-0.117.2.apk
Patches: YT-Advanced/revanced-patches-2.189.0.jar

2.189.0 (2023-08-25)

Bug Fixes

  • youtube/hide-quick-action: Not worked correctly YT-Advanced/YT-Advanced#68

  • youtube/hide-emoji-picker: Not worked correctly

  • youtube-music/hide-upgrade-button: Not worked without Sample button


  • youtube: Added support for v18.33.xx

  • youtube-music: Added support for v6.16.52

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