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one month ago

What's Changed

  • Bug: fix open_browser from conf file by @deepskyblue86 in #451
  • Feature: Allow configuration of a preferred_mfa_provider by @schlueter in #446
  • Bug: fix force_classic parameter from config file by @epierce (99d7198)
  • Feature: Disable 'DT' cookie in force_classic mode by @epierce (d81340d)
  • Bug: Change package name to match values expected by homebrew by @epierce (4174cb5)
  • Feature: Change default behavior for a missing value for force_classic by @epierce (d80017e)
  • Bug: Only skip using the DT cookie when connecting to an OIE domain by @epierce in #458

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.8.0...v2.8.1

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