github NicoHood/GPGit 1.4.0

1.4.0 - 2021-01-29



  • Explicitly use annotated git tag using -a
  • Improved grep handing using -F option
  • Add a better error message if signing git tag failed.
  • Disable interactive mode for first run only when script finishes properly #20
  • Improved compression and hash bash array handling
  • Changed default keyserver to hkps:// as hkps:// is offline most of the time.


  • Changed -n, --no-github parameters to --github false.


  • Remove not required exit command
  • Remove unused MAGENTA and CYAN colors


  • Fixed reading private repository information by always specifying the token
  • Fix --no-github parameter
  • Fixed --force option for github releases #24
  • Added support for BSD based systems #19 (thanks @WoLpH)

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