github NetApp/trident v23.10.0

27 days ago

Changes since v23.07.0


  • Fixed volume expansion if a new requested size is smaller than the total volume size for ontap-nas and ontap-nas-flexgroup storage drivers (Issue #834).
  • Fixed volume size to display only usable size of the volume during import for ontap-nas and ontap-nas-flexgroup storage drivers (Issue #722).
  • Fixed FlexVol name conversion for ONTAP-NAS-Economy.
  • Fixed Trident initialization issue on a windows node when node is rebooted.


  • Kubernetes: Added support for Kubernetes 1.28.
  • Added support for using Azure Managed Identities (AMI) with azure-netapp-files storage driver.
  • Added support for NVMe over TCP for the ONTAP-SAN driver.
  • Added ability to pause the provisioning of a volume when backend is set to suspended state by user (Issue #558).

Other advanced storage management/provisioning/access features available in Astra Control include:

  • Read-only clones
  • Snapshot Restore
  • Support for Kerberos in-flight encryption
  • Volume Replication

Please refer to Astra Control Documentation for details on these features.


  • Kubernetes: Updated minimum supported Kubernetes to 1.23.

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