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4 months ago

Changes since v23.04.0


  • Kubernetes: Fixed Trident upgrade to disregard old pods stuck in terminating state (Issue #740).
  • Kubernetes: Added toleration to "transient-trident-version-pod" definition (Issue #795).
  • Fixed ONTAP ZAPI requests to ensure LUN serial numbers are queried when getting LUN attributes to identify and fix ghost iSCSI devices during Node Staging operations.
  • Fixed error handling in storage driver code (Issue #816).
  • Fixed quota resize when using ONTAP drivers with use-rest=true.
  • Fixed LUN clone creation in ontap-san-economy.
  • Revert publish info field from rawDevicePath to devicePath; added logic to populate and recover (in some cases)
    devicePath field.


  • Kubernetes: Added support for importing pre-provisioned snapshots.
  • Kubernetes: Minimized deployment and daemonset linux permissions (Issue #817).
  • No longer reporting the state field for "online" volumes and snapshots.
  • Updates the backend state if the ONTAP backend is offline (Issues #801, #543).
  • LUN Serial Number is always retrieved and published during the ControllerVolumePublish workflow.
  • Added additional logic to verify iSCSI multipath device serial number and size.
  • Additional verification for iSCSI volumes to ensure correct multipath device is unstaged.

Experimental Enhancements:

  • Added tech preview support for NVMe over TCP for the ONTAP-SAN driver.


  • Kubernetes: Removed support for v1beta1 snapshots.
  • Kubernetes: Removed support for pre-CSI volumes and storage classes.
  • Kubernetes: Updated minimum supported Kubernetes to 1.22.

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