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Changes since v23.01.0

  • IMPORTANT: Force volume detach for ONTAP-SAN-* volumes is only supported with Kubernetes versions which have enabled the Non-Graceful Node Shutdown feature gate.
    Force detach must be enabled at install time via --enable-force-detach Trident installer flag.


  • Fixed Trident Operator to use IPv6 localhost for installation when specified in spec.
  • Fixed Trident Operator cluster role permissions to be in sync with the bundle permissions (Issue #799).
  • Fixed issue with attaching raw block volume on multiple nodes in RWX mode.
  • Fixed FlexGroup cloning support and volume import for SMB volumes.
  • Fixed issue where Trident controller could not shut down immediately (Issue #811).
  • Added fix to list all igroup names associated with a specified LUN provisioned with ontap-san-* drivers.
  • Added a fix to allow external processes to run to completion.
  • Fixed compilation error for s390 architecture (Issue #537).
  • Fixed incorrect logging level during volume mount operations (Issue #781).
  • Fixed potential type assertion error (Issue #802).


  • Kubernetes: Added support for Kubernetes 1.27.
  • Kubernetes: Added support for importing LUKS volumes.
  • Kubernetes: Added support for ReadWriteOncePod PVC access mode.
  • Kubernetes: Added support for force detach for ONTAP-SAN-* volumes during Non-Graceful Node Shutdown scenarios.
  • Kubernetes: All ONTAP-SAN-* volumes will now use per-node igroups. LUNs will only be mapped to igroups while actively
    published to those nodes to improve our security posture. Existing volumes will be opportunistically switched to
    the new igroup scheme when Trident determines it is safe to do so without impacting active workloads (Issue #758).
  • Kubernetes: Improved Trident security by cleaning up unused Trident-managed igroups from ONTAP-SAN-* backends.
  • Added support for SMB volumes with Amazon FSx to the ontap-nas-economy and ontap-nas-flexgroup storage drivers.
  • Added support for SMB volumes with on-prem to the ontap-nas, ontap-nas-economy and ontap-nas-flexgroup storage drivers.
  • Added support for creation of SMB shares through Trident for on-prem and Amazon FSx.
  • Added support for linux/arm64 nodes (Issue #732).
  • Improved Trident shutdown procedure by deactivating API servers first (Issue #811).
  • Added cross-platform build support for Windows and linux/arm64 hosts to Makefile; see


  • Kubernetes: Backend-scoped igroups will no longer be created when configuring ontap-san and ontap-san-economy drivers (Issue #758).

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