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10 months ago

Changes since v22.10.0

  • IMPORTANT: Kubernetes 1.26 is now supported in Trident. Please upgrade Trident prior to upgrading Kubernetes.


  • Kubernetes: Added options to exclude Pod Security Policy creation to fix Trident installations via Helm (Issues #783, #794).


  • Kubernetes: Added support for Kubernetes 1.26.
  • Kubernetes: Improved overall Trident RBAC resource utilization (Issue #757).
  • Kubernetes: Added automation to detect and fix broken or stale iSCSI sessions on host nodes.
  • Kubernetes: Added support for expanding LUKS encrypted volumes.
  • Kubernetes: Added credential rotation support for LUKS encrypted volumes.
  • Added support for SMB volumes with Amazon FSx to the ontap-nas storage driver.
  • Added support for NTFS permissions when using SMB volumes.
  • Added support for storage pools for GCP volumes with CVS service level.
  • Added support for optional use of flexgroupAggregateList when creating FlexGroups with the ontap-nas-flexgroup storage driver.
  • Improved performance for the ontap-nas-economy storage driver when managing multiple FlexVols.
  • Enabled dataLIF updates for all ONTAP NAS storage drivers.
  • Updated the Trident Deployment and DaemonSet naming convention to reflect the host node OS.


  • Kubernetes: Updated minimum supported Kubernetes to 1.21.
  • Data LIFs should no longer be specified when configuring ontap-san or ontap-san-economy drivers.

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