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Changes since v22.07.0

  • IMPORTANT: Kubernetes 1.25 is now supported in Trident. Please upgrade Trident prior to upgrading Kubernetes.
  • IMPORTANT: Trident will now strictly enforce the use of multipathing configuration in SAN environments, with a recommended value of find_multipaths: no in multipath.conf file. Use of non-multipathing configuration or use of find_multipaths: yes or find_multipaths: smart value in multipath.conf file will result in mount failures. Trident has recommended the use of find_multipaths: no since the 21.07 release.


  • Fixed issue specific to ONTAP backend created using credentials field failing to come online during 22.07.0
    upgrade (Issue #759)
  • Docker: Fixed an issue causing the Docker volume plugin to fail to start in some environments (Issues #548, #760).
  • Fixed SLM issue specific to ONTAP SAN backends to ensure only subset of data LIFs belonging to reporting nodes are published.
  • Fixed performance issue where unnecessary scans for iSCSI LUNs happened when attaching a volume.
  • Removed granular retries within Trident's iSCSI workflow to fail fast and reduce external retry intervals.
  • Fixed issue where an error was returned when flushing an iSCSI device when the corresponding multipath device was already flushed.


  • Kubernetes: Added support for Kubernetes 1.25.
    • Added new operator yaml (bundle_post_1_25.yaml) without a PodSecurityPolicy to support Kubernetes 1.25.
  • Kubernetes: Added a separate ServiceAccount, ClusterRole, and ClusterRoleBinding for the Trident Deployment and DaemonSet to allow future permissions enhancements.
  • Kubernetes: Added support for cross-namespace volume sharing.
  • All Trident ontap-* storage drivers now work with the ONTAP REST API.
  • Added support for LUKS-encrypted volumes for ontap-san and ontap-san-economy storage drivers.
  • Added support for Windows Server 2019 nodes.
  • Added support for SMB volumes on Windows nodes through the azure-netapp-files storage driver.


  • Kubernetes: Updated minimum supported Kubernetes to 1.20.
  • Removed Astra Data Store (ADS) driver.
  • Removed support for yes and smart options for find_multipaths when configuring worker node multipathing for iSCSI.

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