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16 months ago

Changes since v22.04.0


  • Kubernetes: Fixed issue to handle boolean and number values for node selector when configuring Trident with Helm or the Trident Operator. (Issue #700)
  • Kubernetes: Fixed issue in handling errors from non-CHAP path, so that kubelet will retry if it fails. (Issue #736)


  • Kubernetes: Transition from to as default registry for CSI images.
  • Kubernetes: ONTAP-SAN volumes will now use per-node igroups and only map LUNs to igroups while actively
    published to those nodes to improve our security posture. Existing volumes will be opportunistically switched to
    the new igroup scheme when Trident determines it is safe to do so without impacting active workloads.
  • Kubernetes: Included a ResourceQuota with Trident installations to ensure Trident DaemonSet is scheduled when PriorityClass consumption is limited by default.
  • Added support for Network Features to ANF driver. (Issue #717)
  • Added tech preview automatic MetroCluster switchover detection to ONTAP drivers. (Issue #228)
  • Kubernetes: Do not allow any volume plugins to be used by operator pods. (Issue #606)
  • Kubernetes: Added support for Pod Security Standards.


  • Kubernetes: Updated minimum supported Kubernetes to 1.19.
  • Astra Data Store (ADS) driver updated to v1beta1 CRDs, so this version of Trident requires ADS 22.5.0 or later.
  • Backend config no longer allows multiple authentication types in single config.


  • AWS CVS driver (deprecated since 22.04) has been removed.
  • Kubernetes: Removed unnecessary SYS_ADMIN capability from node pods.
  • Kubernetes: Reduces nodeprep down to simple host info and active service discovery to do a best-effort
    confirmation that NFS/iSCSI services are available on worker nodes.

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