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19 months ago

Changes since v22.01.0


  • Improved parsing of iSCSI initiator names. (Issue #681)
  • Fixed issue where CSI storage class parameters weren't allowed. (Issue #598)
  • Fixed duplicate key declaration in Trident CRD. (Issue #671)
  • Fixed inaccurate CSI Snapshot logs. (Issue #629)
  • Fixed issue with unpublishing volumes on deleted nodes. (Issue #691)
  • Added handling of filesystem inconsistencies on block devices. (Issue #656)
  • Fixed issue pulling auto-support images when setting the imageRegistry flag during installation. (Issue #715)
  • Fixed issue where ANF driver failed to clone a volume with multiple export rules.
  • Fixed panic when accessing nil fields for aggregate space in ONTAP API responses.


  • Inbound connections to Trident's secure endpoints now require a minimum of TLS 1.3. (Issue #698)
  • Trident now adds HSTS headers to responses from its secure endpoints.
  • Trident now attempts to enable the Azure NetApp Files unix permissions feature automatically.
  • Kubernetes Trident daemonset now runs at system-node-critical priority class. (Issue #694)


  • ESeries driver (disabled since 20.07) has been removed.

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