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22 months ago

Changes since v21.10.0

  • IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from any previous Trident release and use Azure NetApp Files, the location config parameter is now a mandatory, singleton field.


  • Fixed issue where azure-netapp-files driver could be confused by multiple resources with the same name.
  • ONTAP SAN IPv6 Data LIFs now work if specified with brackets.
  • Kubernetes: Increase node registration backoff retry time for large clusters.
  • Fixed issue where attempting to import an already imported volume returns EOF leaving PVC in pending state (Issue #489).
  • Fixed issue when Astra Trident performance slows down when > 32 snapshots are created on a SolidFire volume.
  • Replaced SHA-1 with SHA-256 in SSL certificate creation.
  • Fixed ANF driver to allow duplicate resource names and limit operations to a single location.


  • Added ability to limit azure-netapp-files driver to specific resource groups, NetApp accounts, capacity pools.
  • Kubernetes: Added support for Kubernetes 1.23.
  • Allow cross-region volumes in GCP driver (Issue #633)
  • Kubernetes: Add scheduling options for Trident pods when installed via Trident Operator or Helm (Issue #651)
  • Added support for 'unixPermissions' option to ANF volumes. (Issue #666)


  • Trident REST interface can listen and serve only at or [::1] addresses

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