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Changes since v21.07.0

  • IMPORTANT: The v21.10.0 release has an issue that can put the Trident controller into a CrashLoopBackOff state when a node is removed and then added back to the Kubernetes cluster. This issue is fixed in v21.10.1.


  • Fixed issue where clones of XFS volumes could not be mounted on the same node as the source volume (Issue #514).
  • Fixed issue where Trident logged a fatal error on shutdown (Issue #597).
  • Kubernetes: Return a volume's used space as the minimum restoreSize when creating snapshots with ONTAP-NAS and ONTAP-NAS-Flexgroup drivers (Issue #645).
  • Kubernetes: Fixed issue where "Failed to expand filesystem" error was logged after volume resize (Issue #560).
  • Kubernetes: Fixed issue where a pod could get stuck in Terminating state (Issue #572).
  • Kubernetes: Fixed the case where an ONTAP-SAN-Economy FlexVol may be full of snapshot LUNs (Issue #533).
  • Kubernetes: Fixed custom YAML installer issue with different image (Issue #613).
  • Kubernetes: Fixed snapshot size calculation (Issue #611).
  • Kubernetes: Fixed issue where all Trident installers could identify plain Kubernetes as OpenShift (Issue #639).
  • Kubernetes: Fixed the Trident operator to stop reconciliation if the Kubernetes API server is unreachable (Issue #599).


  • Added support for 'unixPermissions' option to GCP-CVS Performance volumes.
  • Added support for scale-optimized CVS volumes in GCP in the range 600 GiB to 1 TiB.
  • Kubernetes: Added support for Kubernetes 1.22.
  • Kubernetes: Enabled the Trident operator and Helm chart to work with Kubernetes 1.22 (Issue #628).
  • Kubernetes: Added operator image to tridentctl images command (Issue #570).

Experimental Enhancements:

  • Added support for volume replication in ONTAP SAN driver.
  • Added tech preview REST support for the ONTAP-NAS-Flexgroup, ONTAP-SAN, and ONTAP-NAS-Economy drivers.
  • Added driver for Astra Data Store.


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