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Users are informed that Trident v21.07.0 is NOT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. Changes introduced to snapshotReserve with v21.07.0 can result in CSI VolumeSnapshots being unusable to create PersistentVolumeClaim(s).

This will be fixed with v21.07.1. If you have already upgraded to v21.07.0, users are advised to delete newly created VolumeSnapshots (provisioned with v21.07.0) and downgrade to the previous release in use.

Changes since v21.04.0

  • IMPORTANT: Trident has updated its recommendations for the iSCSI setup on worker nodes. Please carefully
    read the Preparing the worker node section of the documentation. Please ensure worker node multipathing
    configuration uses the find_multipaths value set to no.

  • IMPORTANT: In Trident versions earlier than 21.07, you could create ANF backend with no valid Capacity Pools
    corresponding to a Service Level. As a result the volumes were provisioned in the Capacity Pool of different
    Service Level type. This issue has been fixed but for an ANF backend, where there are no Capacity Pools
    corresponding to a Service Level, the backend might get into a failed state. To correct this, fix the
    serviceLevel in the ANF backend file or add a Capacity Pool that matches the backend's serviceLevel, and
    then run the backend update operation.


  • Updated the "Preparing the worker node" section of documentation to use default find_multipaths value for iSCSI multipathing.
  • Fixed the issue of not waiting for the multipath device to appear when discovered device count is 1 (Issue #511).
  • Fixed ANF issue with backend creation even when there are no valid Capacity Pool corresponding to a Service Level.
  • Kubernetes: Kubernetes version check for Helm install now matches prerelease versions (Issue #530).
  • Fixed issue where Trident crashed when ONTAP did not return serial number.
  • Kubernetes: Installer now selects correct csi-snapshotter version for Kubernetes and snapshot CRD versions.
  • Fixed issue where automatic node prep could not parse floating-point OS versions.
  • Changed ASUP image pull policy to IfNotPresent.


  • Kubernetes: Updated to csi-snapshotter v4.0.0 for Kubernetes 1.20+.
  • Added ability to restrict volume provisioning to a subset of Capacity Pools using capacityPools field in the ANF backends.
  • ONTAP-SAN, ONTAP-NAS, and ONTAP-NAS-Flexgroup drivers now regard the snapshotReserve percentage as a percentage of the whole FlexVol size for new volumes (Issues #554, #496).
  • ONTAP-SAN adds extra 10% to FlexVol size to account for LUN metadata (Issue #555).
  • tridentctl install now shows timestamps in debug mode.
  • Kubernetes: Reduced HTTP timeout for CSI frontend to optimize node registration.
  • Kubernetes: Liveness port is now configurable and default changed to 17546.
  • Updated minimum TLS version to 1.2.

Experimental Enhancements:

  • Added tech preview REST support for the ONTAP NAS driver.
  • Added support for volume replication in ONTAP NAS driver.


  • Kubernetes: Updated minimum supported Kubernetes to 1.17.
  • Disabled E-series driver.
  • Kubernetes: Removed pre-CSI support.

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