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2 years ago

Changes since v21.01.0


  • OpenShift: Fixed issue where the Trident Operator fails to patch ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBinding (Issue #517).
  • Fixed a parsing error when iscsiadm listed target portals with a negative group tag (Issue #523).
  • Docker: Fixed issue where Docker plugin could not be upgraded from v19.10 to v21.01 (Issue #507).
  • Fixed issue where disabled data LIFs are picked up by controller during ControllerPublishVolume (Issue #524).
  • Fixed issue where unexpected output in iscsiadm discovery commands may cause target discovery to fail.
  • Fixed issue where ontap-san-economy snapshots could not be restored or deleted with storage prefix (Issue #461).
  • Kubernetes: Trident in CSI mode now uses a unique igroup for each ONTAP SAN backend (Issue 437).


  • Added support for shared VPC host projects to the GCP CVS driver (Issue #529).
  • Added support for smaller (300 GiB) scale-optimized CVS volumes in GCP. Smaller volume support must be enabled in GCP CVS account.
  • Added snapshotDir parameter to Azure NetApp Files backend definition.
  • Kubernetes: Added recreate strategy in Trident Operator deployment (Issue #508).
  • Kubernetes: Added an images sub-command to tridentctl to display the container images required for a Trident installation on a specific Kubernetes version.
  • Kubernetes: Added support for Kubernetes 1.21.
  • Kubernetes: Added support for Trident backend creation using kubectl (Issue #358).
  • Kubernetes: Added startup, liveness and readiness probes for Trident node pods (Issue #436).

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