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Changes since v20.10.0

KNOWN ISSUE: The Trident Operator that was released as part of v21.01.0, when used with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 4.x, is unable to apply changes to the Trident deployment after the initial installation/upgrade. Installations that are impacted by this issue will report this error: no kind ‘ClusterRole’ is registered for version ‘\’ in scheme ’

This issue does not affect the normal functioning of Trident, only the Trident Operator. This prevents changes made to the TridentOrchestrator custom resource (CR) after the install/upgrade from taking effect. You can work around this issue by deleting the 'trident-csi' ClusterRole and 'trident-csi' ClusterRoleBinding. The operator will be able to complete the reconcile, make required changes and will also re-create the ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBinding.

All other installation methods, including tridentctl-based installs and Operator/Helm installs on non-OCP distributions are not impacted.

We are actively working on a 21.01.1 hot-fix for this issue, however at this time we ask that if you are using OpenShift Container Platform and the Trident Operator or Helm that you hold off upgrading until we release 21.01.1.

  • IMPORTANT: CSI sidecars are pulled from when the Kubernetes version is 1.17 or greater, and otherwise. Private registries are still supported and will be used without any
    modification if provided.


  • Kubernetes: Fixed issue where the Trident node failed to register with the Trident controller (Issue #468).
  • Kubernetes: Fixed issue where CHAP credentials may be logged by CSI sidecars.
  • Kubernetes: Fixed issue of Ownership References set by Trident Operator on cluster-scoped Trident resources
    (Issue #474).
  • Kubernetes: Fixed issue where the operator could leave a Trident node unregistered with kubelet (Issue #487).
  • Kubernetes: Fixed issue Operator reporting Trident installation multiple times (Issue #431).
  • Fixed issue where digits in the storage prefix were disallowed from the ONTAP economy drivers (Issue #476).
  • Changed iSCSI static discovery to sendtargets
  • Fixed E-series intermittent HTTP 422 error on volume creation.
  • Kubernetes: Fixed issue where a snapshot transaction could keep Trident from starting (Issue #490).
  • Kubernetes: Handle the case where blkid fails to provide any output (Issue #418).


  • Kubernetes: Added support for Kubernetes 1.20
  • Kubernetes: Updated CSI sidecars.
  • Kubernetes: Updated scope of the Trident Operator to cluster-scope.
  • Kubernetes: Added Helm Chart Support
  • Updated GCP driver to allow CVS-Performance volumes as small as 100 GiB.
  • Added support for ONTAP QoS policy groups (Issue #108)
  • Added lunsPerFlexvol option to allow customizing the number of LUNs per FlexVol in the ontap-san-economy driver.
  • Allow user to authenticate with certificate and key for ONTAP backends.
  • Allow CA certificates for validating ONTAP certificates.
  • Set provisioning labels for all volumes for ONTAP-NAS, ONTAP-SAN, ONTAP-NAS-FLEXGROUP, SolidFire, and CVS drivers

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