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Changes since v20.07.0

  • Known issues: Take a look at the Known issues associated with 20.07.1, specifically with respect to igroup management on Kubernetes 1.11 - 1.13, and enforcing fsGroup for StorageClasses with an empty fsType.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from Trident 19.07 or 19.10 please carefully read this.
  • IMPORTANT Trident relies on the trident-autosupport sidecar container to periodically send usage and support telemetry data to NetApp by default. Usage of the trident-autosupport project falls under the NetApp EULA. Automatic sending of this data can be disabled at Trident install time via the "--silence-autosupport" flag.


  • Kubernetes: Redacted sensitive information in Trident logs for CVS drivers.
  • Kubernetes: Fix for allowing empty storage prefix. (Issue #430)
  • Kubernetes: Fix for Trident Operator's patching of Service Account to avoid unintended creation of secrets.


  • Kubernetes: Added support for Kubernetes 1.19. (Issue #440)
  • Kubernetes: Added GoStringer interface for all the drivers to support sensitive information redaction.

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