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Changes since v20.01.0

IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from Trident 19.07 or 19.10 please carefully read this.


  • Kubernetes: Changed Trident node server to use downward API instead of relying on Kubernetes DNS to find Trident service. (Issue #328)
  • Fixed FlexGroup volume deletion with ONTAP version 9.7. (Issue #326)
  • Refer to backend storage for current volume size during resize. (Issue #345)
  • Fixed a potential hang during iSCSI detach.
  • Kubernetes: Fixed volume import for ANF backends.
  • Kubernetes: Fixed cloning imported volumes for CVS & ANF backends.
  • Kubernetes: Fixed displaying volume sizes in Gi. (Issue #305)
  • Fixed dataLIF specification in backend config for IPv6.


  • Updated to GoLang 1.14.
  • Kubernetes: Added ability to remove CSI nodes from Trident's database via tridentctl.
  • Kubernetes: Introduced Trident Operator to manage new Trident installations.
  • Kubernetes: Added ability for Trident to automatically create and update export policies for NAS-based drivers to provide access to all nodes in your Kubernetes cluster. (Issue #252)
  • Kubernetes: Trident now uses its own security context constraint in OpenShift. (Issue #374)
  • Kubernetes: Added support for CRD API v1. (Issue #346)
  • Kubernetes: Added support for additional auth providers. (Issue #348)
  • Added support for bi-directional CHAP for ONTAP SAN drivers. (Issues #212 and #7)

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