github NetApp/trident v19.07.1

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4 years ago

Changes since v19.07.0


  • Resolved an issue when iFace is not specified in the Solidfire backend configuration file.
  • Docker: Fixed a lock contention issue when doing log file rotations.
  • Reduced amount of log spam by moving some messages to debug.
  • Kubernetes: tridentctl logs command can now gather node pod and sidecar logs.
  • Kubernetes: Added fix to ensure Trident pods only run on amd64/linux nodes.
  • Fixed some iSCSI connection logic.
  • Kubernetes: Reduced log verbosity in CSI sidecars.
  • Kubernetes: Added fix for volume names longer than 64 characters in solidfire and ontap-nas-economy drivers.
  • Kubernetes: Fix for Azure NetApp Files to work with non-CSI deployments.
  • Worked around a breaking API change in NetApp Cloud Volumes Service in AWS. (Issue #288)


  • Kubernetes: Deprecated support for external etcd stores for storing Trident's data in favor of CRDs. Will be
    removed in 19.10.0.

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