github NetApp/trident v19.07.0-alpha.1

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pre-release4 years ago

Changes since v19.04.0


  • Kubernetes: Improved volume import transaction cleanup during failure scenarios.
  • Kubernetes: Fix unknown backend states after Trident upgrade.
  • Kubernetes: Prevent operations on failed backends.
  • Kubernetes: Removed size requirement for volume import PVC file.


  • Kubernetes: Implemented CSI Trident (optional for Kubernetes 1.13, exclusive for Kubernetes 1.14+).
  • Kubernetes: Added support to CSI Trident for volume snapshots.
  • Kubernetes: Converted Trident to use custom resource definitions instead of etcd.
  • Trident now allows Solidfire backends without Types defined. However, such backends
    will have one default storage pool with the default backend QoS values.
  • Behavioral change: Enabled space-allocation feature for ONTAP SAN LUNs by default. Setting spaceAllocation parameter to false in ONTAP SAN backend's default config section would disable the space-allocation feature for those LUNs.

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