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4 years ago


An issue with upgrades to 19.04.0 has been identified that may cause existing backends to get set to an unknown state. That issue is resolved in 19.04.1.

Changes since v19.01.0


  • Fixed panic if no aggregates are assigned to an ONTAP SVM.
  • Kubernetes: Updated CSI driver for 1.0 spec and Kubernetes 1.13. (Alpha release - unsupported)
  • Kubernetes: Allow Trident to start if one or more backend drivers fail to initialize.
  • Kubernetes: Fixed Trident to install on Kubectl 1.14. (Issue #241)


  • Trident driver for NetApp Cloud Volumes Service in AWS.
  • Kubernetes: Import pre-existing volumes using the ontap-nas, ontap-nas-flexgroup, solidfire-san, and aws-cvs drivers. (Issue #74)
  • Kubernetes: Added support for Kubernetes 1.14.
  • Kubernetes: Updated etcd to v3.3.12.

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