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4 years ago

Changes since v18.10.0


  • Fixed an issue where Trident did not allow specifying a port in the management LIF config (Issue #195). Thank you, @vnandha!
  • Only strip prefix on volume name if volume name starts with prefix.
  • Kubernetes: Refactored BackendExternal which fixed the output of "tridentctl get backend -o json" where details like "limitAggregateUsage" and "limitVolumeSize" were not found. (Issue #188)


  • Updated Trident's 3rd-party dependencies for 19.01 release.
  • Added support for Docker 18.09, Docker Enterprise Edition 2.1, OpenShift 3.11 and Kubernetes 1.13.
  • Removed support for Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Kubernetes 1.8.
  • Kubernetes: Added support for raw block volumes for iSCSI PVs.
  • Kubernetes: Added retry logic to installer for Kubernetes object creation.
  • Kubernetes: Updated etcd to v3.3.10 and client-go to v10.0.0.
  • Kubernetes: Trident now honors the nfsMountOptions parameter in ONTAP NAS backend config files.
  • Behavioural change: The Trident installer now automatically adds the backend used to provision the Trident volume in new installations.


  • Kubernetes: Deprecated PVC annotation as the reclaim policy can be set in the storage class since Kubernetes v1.8.

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