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pre-release5 years ago

Changes since v18.04.0


  • Fixed cleanup of the transaction object upon failed deletion (Issue #126).
  • Kubernetes: Fixed an issue where Trident would provision a ReadWriteMany PVC to an iSCSI backend.
  • Kubernetes: Fixed an installer issue where the Trident PV could be bound to the wrong PVC.
  • Kubernetes: Fixed an issue where the Trident installer could fail if a default storage class is set.
  • Docker: Fixed an issue where deleted qtrees could appear in Docker volume list.


  • Changed ONTAP drivers so that the snapshot reserve is set to zero when snapshotPolicy is "none"
  • Kubernetes: Updated etcd to v3.2.19 and client-go to v7.0.0.
  • Kubernetes: Added --previous switch to 'tridentctl logs' command.
  • Kubernetes: Added liveness probes to the trident-main and etcd containers.
  • Kubernetes: Added --trident-image and --etcd-image switches to 'tridentctl install' command.
  • Kubernetes: Added prototype CSI implementation to Trident.

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